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InnerJourney.com is dedicated to assisting individuals who are looking for tools, methods, techniques and information to support perhaps the most challenging yet rewarding journey of all: The journey to the world within - the InnerJourney...

MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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An effective approach for developing awareness is the method found in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), originated by Jon Kabat-Zinn. MBSR offers a structured 8 week course for introducing, practicing and integrating awareness (mindfulness) into everyday life. The need for being present is important for not only for the “big” decisions of life but also for the numerous small choices we make daily. The MBSR method is used throughout the world in a variety of different contexts related to wellness and healing. The method has gained respect and widespread acceptance through numerous scientific studies showing its effectiveness. MBSR has also been successfully adapted for specialized applications such as relapse prevention in depression (MBCT) and in substance abuse (MBRP) among others.

MBSR is not a quick fix solution with bold promises to change your life in a few simple steps. Rather, taking an MBSR course requires a significant commitment on the part of the participant (student) in attending the classes and dedicated daily home practice. The goal is to help the participant learn how awareness (mindfulness) can enhance the experience of being alive. Even more importantly, the course will help the participant discover the specific ways in which the practice can effectively (and realistically) incorporate mindfulness into their life. The hope is that the MBSR techniques will become a long term aide in the adventure of life. MBSR can help address a number of life challenges beyond stress reduction such as dealing with chronic pain, avoiding or healing from burnout, sickness and effective decision making. (See the MBSR  "Course description" for more information.)


The development of centering arose out of investigations into why music can be so effective for relaxation. Centering uses a combination of music and simple insight meditation to help individuals develop an awareness of and access to their 'center'. This 'center' can be thought of as a kind of center-of-gravity of the main aspects of the human being: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. For more information click on the "Description" link below. To listen to samples of musis suitable for Centering click on the "Music" link below.

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Let not this life pass without bringing forth the song that lives deep within,
      not only for the ears of others but especially for those of the 'composer'.

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